This privacy statement has been written to provide you with information about how your personal information is collected, used, stored and shared by the “SuperOp – Training Optimizer” app and web-app, by our “ Trainer Vista” web service, by the “” web site and by the “” online shop.

“SuperOp – Training Optimizer” (app and web-app)

How the app and web-app collect and use your personal information

SuperOp is a system that calculates your “organic readiness”, i.e. the level of recovery from previous workouts. That number is the output of a complex algorithm, that bases its calculation on personal information, which is collected both during the sign-up process, and then day by day, when the user provides his/her wake-up pressure and heart rate measurement, and information on previous day workouts and on any other stressors that may have conditioned user’s recovery.

At sign-up, we collect the user’s email address, name, surname and date of birth; SuperOp service license is personal, and we need to identify who is entitled to its use. We also use user’s email address to communicate with the user, only and exclusively about the SuperOp system. To make the software more and more accurate, we also collect at sign-up some basic information about the sport practiced, and whether the user is male or female. Finally, to provide whenever possible some local support, we collect the user’s country of residence.

The user can enter daily his/her heart rate and pressure measurement, and information about workouts and conditions of the previous day. These data are collected and are used, in their chronological sequence, to calculate the user’s organic readiness, which is the purpose of the system. Without collecting and storing them, the system is not able to calculate the level of recovery. These data are managed with specific technical and procedural care, to guarantee their protection with reasonable safety.

Users under 16 years of age

A parent or guardian’s permission is required for a person under the age of 16 years to use the service.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

The app provides the user with a tool to share its outputs, and details about previous workouts and conditions, with chosen people. This option is a tool meant to support athlete/coach relationships. Authorization is granted by the user to the coach through an alphanumeric code available in the user’s app, and therefore protected by username and password; this code allows the trainer to see his/her athlete’s condition and training data through the “Trainer Vista” web site. The user can see the list authorize people in the SuperOp app and can revoke permissions directly in the app. Processing of athlete’s personal data by the coach is governed by direct agreements between the athlete and the coach.

Accessing, Reviewing, Modifying and Deleting Your Personal Information

You can access most of your personal information by using the app. On request, our customer support (email: can send you an e-mail with a list of all stored personal data.  We can also modify wrong data entered, when this cannot be done directly in the app. Please note: SuperOp is a personal service, so the change of identification data (email address, name, surname, date of birth), when it is not the immediate correction of a simple and clear typo, requires the payment of a service transfer procedure, as clearly highlighted in the service contract. In addition, the modification of measurement data entered is possible only until midnight of the day of insertion. After this time, for technical reasons related to the algorithm’s specific calculation method, the data can no longer be modified, but only deleted.

The user has the right to revoke the consent to the processing of personal data; this choice will determine the termination of the service and its license of use, which can no longer be reactivated as we will not have at that point any information about it.

Trainer Vista

How the Trainer Vista web service collects and uses personal information of the Coach
Trainer Vista is a web service that allows a trainer to know the “organic readiness” of his/her athletes, the amount and intensity of their workouts, as well as the occurrence of other factors that could affect or have affected their recovery.

At sign-up, we collect email address, name and surname, to be able to identify the user. To provide better support, we also ask the city and country of residence. We will use the email address to inform and communicate only and exclusively about the service and the system.

A coach can see the data of an athlete by knowing the relevant athlete code. The athlete can revoke the access permit at any time, and his/her data will no longer be visible.

Users under 16 years of age
Trainer Vista is a system for coaches, and is therefore not intended to be used by people under the age of 16. If we realize we collected personal information from users under 16 years of age, we shall eliminate this information as soon as possible.

Data downloaded locally by the Coach
The system allows the trainer to download the information shown about the athletes locally, on his/her device. Collecting, storing, and in general processing personal data of the athletes by their coach is regulated by the agreements in place between coach and athlete.

Accessing, Reviewing, Modifying and Deleting Personal Information
The coach can see and modify most of own stored personal information himself. If requested, our Customer Support can send by email a copy of all personal data stored.  All stored data can be modified on request by our Customer Support (email:

“” web site and “” online shop

“www.” is a public web site offering information about the SuperOp system. The user does not need to sign up or provide information to use it.
“” is an online store where the user can sign-up and then purchase a product. We save e-mail addresses and the addresses provided, to deliver the product and (when required) issue an invoice. The email address provided will be used to contact the user for updates on the order and delivery. The user data is stored to simplify future purchases. The actual payment is made through a third-party payment system (PayPal).

The purchase information is retained for 10 years unless the law requires a longer retention period.

Log file information is automatically reported by your browser each time you access our sites. Our web resources automatically collect standard log information, such as IP address and date and time of visit, on log files. The above information is collected and processed to make sure everything works well, and for security purposes (spam filters, firewalls, anti-DoS systems,…); stored data may be used to stop malicious attacks to our services or any other otherwise harmful activity.

The data collected by our sites are used exclusively for the above-mentioned purposes and kept for the time strictly necessary to carry out the specified activities.

We make use of cookies to gather information about web traffic within our site and store, and to deliver advertisements to people who visit them. More information on this may be found in our Cookies Policy.

Entities that may have access to your personal data
Some qualified IT companies help us to manage our IT infrastructure, to maintain our database, to develop and maintain our software. Together with them, we take reasonable security measures to protect personal information under our control from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure or alteration.

Retention of personal information
We keep your Personal Data only for as long as is reasonably necessary for the purposes described in this Policy, or for the duration required by law, whichever is the longer.

Other uses of personal information
We can use personal data to ensure proper functioning and safety of our services and products, to verify the identity of the user and to carry out investigations on improper use of the products and services.

We can also process data for our research and product development activities, and for scientific research: we work constantly to develop new features and improve existing ones. For these tasks, data is always made anonymous and not user-related.

Retention of data
All collected data are stored on servers owned by Aruba S.P.A. (“Cloud Hosting” service). These servers are located in the Italian territory.

Right to make a complaint
If you suspect misuse of your data, you have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority (Italian “Garante della Privacy”)

Contact information

Data controller:
Wellness & Wireless Srl
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42124 Reggio Emilia

Data Protection Officer:
Maurizio Binello, Email:

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