Dutch National Rowing Team has adopted SuperOp

We are proud to announce that after extensive testing lasted nearly one year, the Dutch National Rowing Team (Koninklijke Nederlandsche Roeibond) has adopted SuperOp to help optimizing the training both of its female and male athletes.

“At the Dutch National Rowing Federation we are happy to use the SuperOp system to get an indication of the metabolic readiness of our athletes” says Koen Level, MD and Exercise Physiologist of the Dutch Federation – “We use this information to individualize the training program and tailor it to the specific needs of the individuals within the team”.

The Dutch is the second national rowing federation, in addition to the Italian one, to have adopted SuperOp to achieve its ambitious objectives to further confirm the value that SperOp brings to coaches and athletes alike.

Pictures from KNRB Offical Page, © Merijn Soeters


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