The only system for determining the optimal intensity of your next training session.


Determines your training-related metabolic stress level by reading your wake up heart rate and blood pressure.


By knowing beforehand your ideal intensity, you get the most out of each training session.


Do not waste time and energy, respect your body, constantly improve your performance!


Supercompensation is the performance improvement process that your body undertakes to respond to the stress of training.
Training causes a performance improvement only if its workload is appropriate for your supercompensation phase.

An excessive workload is harmful; too light a load does not sufficiently stimulate your response.

SuperOp is the only tool to identify the ideal training workload that maximizes your performance improvement.


SuperOp optimizes performance for all sports, both short and long duration. It is particularly suitable for:

  • running
  • cycling
  • triathlon

  • rowing
  • swimming
  • judo

SuperOp works for all types of sport, where the organic and metabolic engagement can be a limiting or a promoting factor for performance. Therefore, it is suited also for skiing, both alpine as well as cross-country, martial arts, race walking, athletics, tennis and team sports such as soccer, futsal, basketball, rugby, volleyball, football and combat sports.

Note: “running” includes long-distance, medium-distance, marathon and ultra marathon.




SuperOp has been used since 2010 for the National Chinese Race Walking Team trained by Sandro Damilano. The progress of the Chinese Race Walk Team was such that they became the strongest team in the world. Listen to their testimony about the effectiveness of SuperOp:

LIU HONG, 28 – 20km Race Walk
WORLD RECORD in 1:24:38 h (2015, La Coruña)
Gold – World Championship 2015 (Bejing)
Silver – World Cup 2014 (Taicang)

WANG ZHEN, 24  – 20km Race Walk
Silver – World Championship 2015 (Bejing)
Gold – World Cup 2012 (Saransk)
Bronze – Olympics 2012 (London)

Developed for professionals, now available to everyone!


Are you also using SuperOp? Tell us your experience!

  • I do 12,000 kilometers per year (10,000 road and MTB 2,000 ) and 170,000 vertical meters . Using SuperOp since Christmas 2015, and I like to find a confirmation of the feeling I get. Sometimes it justifies me not to go out when I do not feel like it; sometimes it spurs me to go out and build on the Green light, although they are a little messed up!
  • After about 100 days of SuperOp use it has definitely improved my training and my performances . The daily measurement helps to take care of your body and gives security in their own ability as well as an indication of how to train that day. SuperOp is a simple, useful and immediate; I cannot help but recommend it for athletes who want to improve themselves. Satisfied!!!
  • The greatness of SuperOp is to provide the athlete daily accurate information about their physiological state, the power capacity to support high intensity workouts or, conversely, the need to indulge in a proper rest. I believe this represents the new frontier for those who wish to improve their performance through exclusive use and to a better management of the workouts.
    Marco MadamaMarco Madama Triathlon (Ironman Silver Athlete)
  • After a pause " regenerative " post marathon, SuperOp monitors the workload to return to the optimal shape, does not overdo it with the counterproductive effort in my training!
  • I have used it for about 4 months and I have improved my fitness level and the quality of my performance in a simple and consistent way. Thanks SuperOp!
  • Between swimming, biking and running I train almost every day (even double sessions) , and to prepare myself for my objectives this season I follow long training tables with periodic cycles of loading and unloading . In recent months I have discovered and use regularly SuperOp and I consider it very reliable and virtually always in line with my feelings. Seeing in the morning that the light is green consolidates the good impressions of the moment and " helps " to bite the bullet if the desire or the external conditions are not at the top. It’s just as useful in suggesting to slow down when needed, despite the habit to train as much possible. Great support tool!!
  • With Super Op I discovered the fun of planning workloads. And then to respect them!
  • Valid and realistic tool. Every morning I measure my blood pressure and heartbeat, register the data on the application of my Android smartphone and every night during the daily training, they check the accuracy of the suggestion indicated by SuperOp. In my opinion I am never wrong. I am convinced of being able to improve my performance by following the advice it gives me every day. I believe that this instrument is also suitable for those who like me, does not follow a personalized training plan, because you have the ability to move the training sessions from day to day and at the same time, to vary the intensity depending on your state of form, which SuperOp suggested every morning.
  • I'm a professional fitness coach and PT, thanks to SuperOP I can optimize my workouts, it helps me to understand when I have to make a recovery training or when I can make the most of my physical condition . PROFIT really for people like me, who does not have much time to train and when I can do it, I can do it to the fullest!
    Daniele VincenziDaniele VincenziAthletics Trainer
  • Using Super Op several months, it helps me to verify my state of daily form and to direct the work to be done during the day. I look forward to having evidence at the first race!
  • In the days when my mind does not intend to train, while I see the SuperOp Green, I know that I have to grit my teeth and train because, in time, I'll come now denied by my faithful companion of workouts.
  • Using Super - Op since the beginning of January and it is making my workouts more profitable, great help!
  • Among endurance athletes the recovery is too often overlooked by preventing the body to metabolize training stimulations already received and to be ready to support new ones: SuperOP is the solution to this problem because it allows you to optimize your workouts and find the right balance between sessions load and recovery.
    Matteo VenziMatteo VenziTriathlon
  • Thanks for letting me be a SuperOp beta tester: gone in Marathon ( 44 years old) from 2:37 a.m. (low ) to 2.30 ( top) is certainly thanks to your merit.
  • Fantastic tool that was missing in the sporting context. It's amazing how SuperOpis able to read the daily physiological status, which allows both better planning of training and above all a way to improve my performance.
  • The majority of endurance athletes on the mental level are tending towards chronic overtraining. It’s a mental defect that we carry with us because we always think that we have never done enough. Precisely for this reason, I think it's important be followed by a coach with a targeted preparation and with a tool like SuperOp you can afford to modulate the table according to your daily receptivity, guaranteeing maximum performance.
    David ColganDavid ColganTriathlon
  • The results are final on all aspects. As time passes, I learn to understand a very important thing, which translates via SuperOp into physical effort and the result.
  • I have known Dr. Marco De Angelis for many years and I have always had great respect and confidence in him.When several months ago he told me about this concept and this approach by Super Op I was honestly a bit ' skeptical, I started to try it before on myself with my workouts and then on some athletes who followed. I was just very surprised at the convenience and immediacy of feedback, right away it was credible and real. As a coach I believe that Super Op is definitely a useful tool for checking the condition of in a fast, practical and effective way of athletes.As an " athlete " on the other hand, it is very useful because every day is not easy to understand if you feel you can push or not and training tables sometimes conflict with feelings and it is difficult to control situations. The SuperOp thinking is a valid support.
    Riccardo MariniRiccardo MariniSports Coach (Total Training)




Until now, in spite of the efforts of many researchers, it seemed impossible to identify the current phase of supercompensation of an athlete, and therefore to know at each given time what training workload would be the most effective.

Prefixed training programs did not always lead to consistent improvements.

Prof. Marco De Angelis, lecturer in Training Methodologies in the Department of Applied Clinical Sciences and Biotechnology at the University of L’Aquila, investigated for more than 20 years the most significant physiological parameters and their mathematical-statistical correlations.

The outcome of this research is SuperOp, that finally makes it possible to optimize training workloads, thanks to the daily knowledge about your own condition.

SuperOp prevents overtraining and permits constant improvement of your performance.


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